Charley-Walker takes pride in giving back to youth in need and we hope to inspire charitable giving and support through our actions. If you know of a youth in need of assistance in helping them live life to the fullest no matter circumstance or diagnosis, please complete the form below.

Wondering if the youth you have in mind qualifies? Review the list below before you complete the form:

  1. Charley-Walker aims to support youth through the SMA organization, the Walker Herring Taylor Scholarship at Auburn University and the local community prioritizing communities in North Carolina.

  2. Donation requests are reviewed at the end of each quarter: March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st. We ask that all donation requests needed by a specific date be turned in 2 weeks before the end of each quarter.

  3. The mission of our foundation is to help youth live life to the fullest no matter circumstance or diagnosis. Please only submit applicants that are of school or college age. 

Donation Request Form:

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